Sunglasses for Women with a Wide Face

If you're a woman with a wide face, finding sunglasses that suit your facial structure can be a challenge - the discomfort of a tight fit causing headaches, the disappointment of shopping in the men's section, and the limited style options available.

At Yunizon, we've transcended these conventional limitations, offering three distinctive widths for each style, ensuring an ideal fit for every face.

Our uniquely designed frames feature elongated non-slip nose pads, reduced curves, modified temple lengths, and lightweight materials. Providing enhanced grip and zero slippage, Yunizon ensures you can comfortably wear your sunglasses all day long without compromise.

When it comes to having a wider face, selecting the right pair of frames becomes crucial in achieving a comfortable fit that complements your facial features. That’s why we’ve developed a comprehensive solution for wide faces. We understand the limitations of conventional sunglasses and aim to provide more variety that caters to every face width. Our frames are designed with inclusivity in mind, so there’s no compromising on fit to find your style.

Alternatively, if you’re looking for sunglasses for narrow faces, Asian Fit sunglasses or sunglasses low nose bridge, we have Yunizon’s unique approach to fit is for you. Experience the Yunizon difference today.

Don't hesitate to seek assistance from opticians or sunglasses specialists who can give you personalized recommendations that perfectly match your face shape and features. We are here for you. Contact us at with an image of your face, traditional measurements and any fit concerns, and let us do the rest.



  • What sunglasses look best on a small face? 

    Narrow, rectangular frames look best on a small face as they add structure to a small face without overwhelming it. Round frames are also great choices for a small face as they soften angular features to create a more balanced look. Thick or oversized framed sunglasses should be avoided for a small face as they can make your face appear smaller than it actually is. 

  • What is the best lens width for small faces? 

    The best lens width we recommend for a small face is 42-48mm which is a typical lens width within round glasses. Round glasses with a 42-48mm lens tend to have slightly wider bridges, a narrower fit and more petite lenses that are perfect for a small face.  

  • What size are petite sunglasses? 

    Petite glasses typically range between 45 to 55 mm in size and are designed to fit a narrower or smaller face. 

  • Do round sunglasses suit small faces? 

    Round or oval sunglasses make a great fit and suit a small face. If you have a small or petite face and looking to purchase round sunglasses opt for a smaller frame size. Oversized or thick sunglasses will cover too much of your face and may not offer the best fit or comfort. 

  • What eyeglass shape is best for a narrow face?

    Tall and square frames look good on a narrow face. The less prominent the frames the more flattering for a narrow face shape so we recommend you avoid thick frames and look for thin, light-coloured frames that bring weight to the top part of your face.  

  • How to choose sunglasses for face shape?

    To choose the right sunglasses for your face shape you must first determine what face shape you have.

    Square faces typically have a wide and more pronounced forehead, a prominent jawline and well-defined angular features. Although the measurements may resemble those with a round face, the overall facial structure of a square face leans towards angularity, with fewer soft curves. To enhance the appeal of these strong facial features, consider opting for sleek, slender round or oval frames with ample curves to create a pleasing contrast that flatters a square face.

    An oval face is often regarded as a versatile and proportionally balanced face shape. An oval face combines elements of both square and round shapes. In contrast to the sharp, angular lines of a square face, an oval face boasts softer, more rounded contours in the jawline and chin. The beauty of the oval face shape is its adaptability and freedom to experiment with bold colours, textures, and frame shapes. Dare to make a statement with bold styles like fierce cat-eye frames or edgy aviators. Alternatively, you can keep it cool and classic with iconic D-frames or tortoise frames are excellent.

    For a round face, it’s all about the curves! A round face typically features soft curves and smooth lines. It also features a wide forehead and hairline, full cheeks and a rounded chin. Sunglasses styles that look best on a round face are square, rectangular, cat-eye, geometric frames, aviators, and navigators, as the sharp angles compliment the softer lines and contrast with your face's natural curves.

    Those with a heart-shaped face, commonly known as a V-shaped face, typically have a wider forehead that tapers down to a narrower chin, a smaller jawline and a lower face. Generally, a heart-shaped face resembles an inverted triangle with its widest point at the top and a narrowing towards the chin. There's a wide array of glasses that complement heart-shaped faces. In fact, this face shape is often regarded as the most versatile of all. But to achieve a flattering balance for a heart-shaped face, square, rectangular, oval, and aviator-shaped sunglasses are ideal choices. The goal is to balance your facial structure and draw attention away from your forehead.

    What ever the face shape Yunizon’s proprietary fit is specially crafted to accommodate the unique facial contours of various individuals. Whether you have a low nose bridge, a unique facial width, high cheekbones, or flatter facial features, these sunglasses are tailored to provide a comfortable and secure fit.  In addition, our frames are made from lightweight materials so they are comfortable enough to wear all day long. Our sunglasses prevent unwanted movement, ensuring your sunglasses stay in place and don't slide down your face, ultimately avoiding uncomfortable contact with your cheekbones or eyelashes.

  • What sunglasses look best on a wide face?

    Upswept frames make a great choice of sunglasses for those with a wide face as the rectangular shape slightly curves over the cheeks accentuating soft, round cheeks. Rectangular sunglasses and cat-eye frames are also great choices for complementing a wide face shape.  

  • What sunglass shape is best for Round Faces?

    The best sunglass shapes for a round face are square, rectangular, cat-eye, geometric frames, aviators, and navigators, as the sharp angles compliment the softer lines and contrast with your face's natural curves.  

  • How to find sunglasses for a wide face?

    To find sunglasses that suit a wide face look for those with wider frames such as oversized sunglasses made from a lightweight and flexible material that accommodates the width of your head and is comfortable.  

  • What are the best sunglasses for men with narrow faces?

    The best glasses for men with narrow faces are thin, with a clear or light-coloured acetate frame material. Avoid wide or oval frames for a narrow face as that may make your eyes look longer than they are.

  • How do I know if I need big sunglasses?

    You know you need bigger sunglasses if they leave a mark on your across your nose bridge, temple or feel too tight. Look for a pair with longer arms that can alleviate this strain and sit more comfortably on your face.