Sunglasses for Women with a Wide Face

If you're a woman with a wide face, finding sunglasses that suit your facial structure can be a challenge - the discomfort of a tight fit causing headaches, the disappointment of shopping in the men's section, and the limited style options available.

At Yunizon, we've transcended these conventional limitations, offering three distinctive widths for each style, ensuring an ideal fit for every face.

Our uniquely designed frames feature elongated non-slip nose pads, reduced curves, modified temple lengths, and lightweight materials. Providing enhanced grip and zero slippage, Yunizon ensures you can comfortably wear your sunglasses all day long without compromise.

When it comes to having a wider face, selecting the right pair of frames becomes crucial in achieving a comfortable fit that complements your facial features. That’s why we’ve developed a comprehensive solution for wide faces. We understand the limitations of conventional sunglasses and aim to provide more variety that caters to every face width. Our frames are designed with inclusivity in mind, so there’s no compromising on fit to find your style.

Alternatively, if you’re looking for sunglasses for narrow faces, Asian Fit sunglasses or sunglasses low nose bridge, we have Yunizon’s unique approach to fit is for you. Experience the Yunizon difference today.

Don't hesitate to seek assistance from opticians or sunglasses specialists who can give you personalized recommendations that perfectly match your face shape and features. We are here for you. Contact us at with an image of your face, traditional measurements and any fit concerns, and let us do the rest.