Everything You Need to Know About Asian Fit Sunglasses

Everything You Need to Know About Asian Fit Sunglasses

You may have heard of Asian Fit sunglasses, a term that’s picked up in popularity over the recent years and a solution people are jumping to if they struggle with finding well-fitting sunglasses. But the term has more meaning than most know, so what do Asian Fit sunglasses actually mean? And could they be the right...or wrong solution for you?

With over 20 Years experience in eyewear design, we can confidently say the term “Asian Fit” does not do justice for the actual differences in fit to your regular pair of sunglasses.

Firstly, Asian Fit sunglasses assume Asians have a wide face and this is not necessarily true. Whilst Asian Fit generally does take into account low nose bridges and high cheekbones, that’s only a component of what makes a frame a good fit.

That’s why if you have no luck finding sunglasses with the right fit, even with Asian Fit sunglasses, Yunizon could be the answer for you.

The Yunizon Difference?

At Yunizon, we understand that one size doesn't fit all, which is why we've developed the best solution for Asian-fit by also factoring in other elements such as face width. We provide 3 different sizes in every style. Whether you have a narrow, medium, or wide face, we offer a diverse collection of Asian Fit sunglasses designed with inclusivity in mind. Unlike other brands with limited options, we offer a wide range of styles so you can find sunglasses that not only fit well but also make you shine. We prioritize both style and comfort, incorporating elongated non-slip nose pads, reduced curves, modified temple lengths, and lightweight materials in our frames to ensure enhanced grip, zero slippage, and maximum comfort all day long.

What are Asian Fit Sunglasses?

Asian Fit sunglasses, also known as Asian Fit frames, are a specific type of eyewear that is specially designed with modifications to the nose bridge width, nose pad placement, temple angles, and frame curvature to ensure a better fit and increased comfort.

Asian Fit sunglasses also feature longer nose pads providing better grip, a more narrow nose bridge so the nose pads can make contact with the skin and have a flatter frame so they don't interfere with high cheekbones.

Why are Asian fit sunglasses even necessary?

The answer lies in the fit of traditional sunglasses. Traditional sunglasses are typically designed based on Western facial proportions that may not fit comfortably or provide adequate coverage for people of Asian descent. 

Asian Fit sunglasses are required generally when you have a low nose bridge. This means that the slope of your nose begins below the base of your eyes leaving the space between your eyes flatter. Low bridge fit sunglasses help stop them from falling down or hitting off your cheekbones.

Why do my sunglasses fall off?

Your sunglasses fall off or slip down most likely because they are the wrong size for your face. This can be caused by the sunglasses’ frame size being wider than your face, the nose bridge being too wide, and nose pads being too short.

People, most commonly of Asian descent, encounter problems such as their sunglasses sliding down the nose or feeling their sunglasses are loose. They may also encounter uncomfortable pressure on the bridge of the nose due to uneven weight distribution, gaps and light leaks when wearing regular sunglasses. Not to mention headaches and red marks or imprints on the nose.

Most people just accept this without thinking that there is an alternative way of fitting sunglasses.

Sure, it’s a different way to shop for sunglasses but why shouldn’t shopping for sunglasses be the same as picking out a pair of trousers or some cool new-fitting shoes? We all have different body shapes, and measurements and things fit differently, but what about the face? What about the head circumference?

There are so many signs that indicate that the sunglasses are not suitable for your face profile or properly aligned with your facial contours and Asian Fit sunglasses help to address and eliminate these issues.

What are the benefits of Asian Fit sunglasses?

The benefits of Asian Fit sunglasses cannot be downplayed they are specifically designed to accommodate different nose shapes and facial profiles.

Asian fit sunglasses:

  • Provide better grip.
  • Increase the visual fit between the frame and your face.
  • Prevent movement of sunglasses.
  • Have a padded and more supportive nose pad so that your sunglasses rest perfectly, rather than directly on its slope.
  • Provide more comfort when wearing sunglasses.
  • They are not only comfortable but stop costly accidents such as your sunglasses falling onto the floor.

Looking for the perfect fit?

At Yunizon, our premium, handcrafted sunglasses are designed with reduced frame curvatures and adjusted lens depth allowing space for high cheekbones, meaning our frames sit comfortably on all faces. Made from featherweight premium materials, our sunglasses are made to last, offering prolonged wear without sacrificing quality.

How do I know if I need Asian fit sunglasses?

You may need Asian fit sunglasses if:

  • You have a lower nose bridge.
  • You have high cheekbones.
  • Your frames slide down your face.
  • Your sunglasses rest on your cheekbones.
  • Your sunglasses are too close to your face and your lashes are touching the lens.

When it comes to eyewear, especially sunglasses, the fit is crucial. Properly fitting sunglasses can make life a whole lot easier, more comfortable and prevent harmful UV rays.

Can anyone wear Asian Fit sunglasses?

Despite the name, Asian Fit sunglasses are not limited to those of Asian descent and can be worn by anyone who finds them more comfortable and a better fit. Asian Fit sunglasses are designed with a low bridge in mind and factors in the contours of your face. They are crafted for anyone with a low nose bridge, wider faces, high cheekbones and flatter facial profiles. The fit of Asian Fit sunglasses helps stop your sunglasses from falling or shifting onto your cheekbones which is rarely a good look...

What makes Asian fit sunglasses so special?

Unlike the standard "high bridge" sunglasses catering to mid to high nose bridges, Asian Fit sunglasses have a narrower nose bridge, longer nose pads, reduced frame (head) curvature, wider frame front, reduced frame height and a reduced pantoscopic angle (vertical angle of the frame).

Traditional Asian Fit

Asian Fit sunglasses have a wider frame with a reduced curve. This helps prevent sunglasses from being too tight at the temples, squeezing and sitting too close to your face. Head to our sunglasses for wide face section to shop our ranges.

Narrower Nose Bridge

Asian Fit sunglasses have narrower nose bridges that allow for a more secure fit, specially designed for those with a flat, narrow nasal and maxillary bone. The longer nose pads lift the frame from the face so that your sunglasses rest comfortably and higher on the nose (not on the cheekbones).

Longer Nose Pads

Asian Fit sunglasses have longer nose pads that are designed with greater surface areas to help with grip and prevent sunglasses movement. This ensures your sunglasses sit correctly on your face away from your eyelashes and cheekbones.

Slip Not

Slip knot? No not the metal band. Although, we think our sunglasses are rocking. At Yunizon, our sunglasses are designed with elongated nose pads with increased surface contact area combined with varying the size of the nose bridge for enhanced grip, zero slippage and max comfort. No more looking down your nose like Grandma.

Reduced frame tilt so sunglasses rest properly on your face

Asian Fit frames are shorter and wider with a reduced tilt (pantoscopic angle) which helps create a gap between your face and the lenses to keep the frame from touching your temple and cheek. This reduces pain, ensures they stay straight and upright and reduces the risk of your sunglasses fogging up.

What if the typical Asian Fit is not for me?

However, if your face is not the typical Asian/wide fit, you might find it even harder to find the right fit, since most Asian Fits solutions provide a wider fit. That's why at Yunizon, we also provided "medium and "narrow" options to suit your various needs

Looking for max comfort and style?

At Yunizon, our sunglasses are designed with extended temple lengths for a more secure fit from the nose bridge to the ears. Our reduced frame curvatures and adjusted lens depth allow space for high cheekbones, meaning our frames sit comfortably on all faces. Max comfort without sacrificing on style.

Reduced pantoscopic angle and a flatter frame for more comfort on your cheekbones

Asian Fit sunglasses have a reduced pantoscopic angle. This is the vertical angle of the frame front. A smaller pantoscopic angle has a reduced angle that tilts the frame’s lower rim further away from the cheekbones. The head curve, the way the frame wraps around your face, is also reduced to be flatter. This also prevents the corners of the frame from touching your cheeks.

Unlike standard sunglasses, Yunizon sunglasses are design with extended temple lengths for a more secure fit from the nose bridge to the ears. Our reduced frame curvatures and adjusted lens depth have modifications that compliment low nose bridges and high cheekbones that prevent discomfort and combine to provide an overall better fit.

What material should I look at for my Asian Fit sunglasses?


At Yunizon, we use a premium thinner acetate and lightweight CR-39 lens to promote optimal comfort. These featherweight materials allow for prolonged wear without sacrificing quality. You won't even know they're there.

Summing it up.

The benefits of Asian Fit sunglasses cannot be downplayed, however be cautious to understand if it's actually the right fit for you. Given Asian Fit sunglasses are generally designed without accounting for face width, individuals with more narrow face profile may still find discomfort with this form factor.

Best Sunglasses for a low nose bridge 

The benefits might add up but despite how amazing they are, Asian Fit sunglasses don’t need to cost more. Check out our premium, handcrafted sunglasses with a unique focus on fit.

Who is Yunizon?

Yunizon was created from the combined efforts of Kim and Bec who knew there has to be a better way.

This idea and the core goal to provide sunglasses with a style that fits drove Kim, the designer behind Yunizon frames, to develop Yunizon's proprietary fit. With 20 years in eyewear design and a very narrow face, Kim understands fit issues.

Echoing the words of Bec “If you want a thing done well, do it yourself.”

Having lived and worked all over the world as an investment banker and being born with a low bridge nose which was deemed a “unique” feature in an industry, Bec wanted to provide more than the standard sunglasses to the market.

Every Yunizon frame is designed in our studio with you in mind.

Whether you're looking for sunglasses that stay on your face, cater to low nose bridges, a narrow to wide face width, or can never find the right fit, Yunizon is for you. Our sunglasses fit better because our proprietary fit is based on real experience, real measurements, and real people.

Quality And Considered

Each sunglass can take over five months to make. Every pin, hinge, and signature logo on a Yunizon frame is applied by hand and hand polished by highly trained technicians. It is a lot of work, but you are worth it.

We use premium cellulose acetate. This colour-rich, hypoallergenic material provides for a comfortable fit yet is durable enough to withstand daily wear. We use the highest quality CR-39 lenses. This lightweight, shatter-resistant lens offers amazing optical clarity and 100% UVA / UVB protection.

Narrow, medium and wide in EVERY style.

We are the only sunglasses company to offer three widths in every style. Our uniquely designed frames feature elongated non-slip nose pads, reduced frame curves, modified temple lengths and ultra-lightweight materials meaning you can confidently and comfortably wear our sunglasses all day.

It’s a new way to shop. We get that.

Try a pair risk-free from our sunglass collection. We are here for you. We offer free returns and a 12-month warranty.

Try multiple sizes today or email our fit consultants at findyourfit@yunizoneyewear.com. Send us an image of your face, traditional measurements (for e.g. 50-20-140) from an existing pair of sunglasses (only if you have it handy!) and any fit concerns and let us do the rest.