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Three Widths

Three widths in EVERY style to cover every face – narrow, medium, wide. No compromising on fit to find your style.

Slip Not

Elongated nose pads provide a lengthened touch point. Perfect for low bridges. No slippage and no more looking down your nose like Grandma.

Max Comfort

Extended arm length gives better grip behind the ears. Without the headache. Reduced frame curve means our glasses sit comfortably on ALL faces. Smile like you mean it.


Our premium lightweight acetate and shatter-resistant lenses are perfect for all day comfort. You won't even know they're there.

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Word On The Street:

They look awesome and feel great - lightweight but feel very sturdy - and they fit perfectly!

Jason (Carrez Medium)

...These surpassed my expectations in terms of quality, fit, and comfort! Sunglasses are one of my very favorite accessories and these are my absolute favorite pair. 

Emily (Libera, Narrow)

A real differentiated look! Lovin the nuances around the nose bridge area and outer edges of the lens frames. Subtle style.

Huei (Avec, Wide)

Great design, these sunglasses are stylish and chic but they are also super comfortable so I can wear them for as long as I want. Love them!

Nancy (Armon, Medium)

Perfect fit and so stylish! Also, amazing quality and value. 10x better than my Ray-bans. 

Lucas (Festiv, Medium)

I love my Yunizon sunglasses, they fit perfectly on my face, they’re comfortable and look great with everything. Well worth the money!

Kat (Festiv, Narrow)

Three widths in every style.
Narrow, medium, wide.

We See You

We believe in standing for something. We advocate mental health awareness to help erase associated stigma.

Yunizon donates 5% of profits to mental health charities, National Alliance on Mental Illness and Beyond Blue.

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  • Do I need low bridge fit sunglasses?

    If you find that your sunglasses frequently slide down, have a large gap between the frame and your bridge, feel loose or you experience discomfort on the bridge of your nose, Yunizon sunglasses may be right for you. 

    Our elongated nose pads are not only beneficial to those that have lower nose bridges, but for those that have an active lifestyle (running, sweating, etc) and prefer a more secure grip.  

    The “standard fit” in the current market may not be working for you and may be looking for an alternative fit for daily comfort. Look no further than Yunizon, as we offer all our styles in 3 sizes factoring in various face widths, shape or profile measurements.  Unlike other brands with limited options, we offer a wide range of styles so you can find more tailored fit sunglasses that also are flattering.

  • What are low bridge fit sunglasses?

    Low bridge fit or low bridge sunglasses are specifically designed to accommodate individuals with a lower nose bridge or sometimes a flatter facial profile. They have elongated nose pads for better surface grip to make up for a low bridge profile to prevent your sunglasses from sliding down, reducing the need for constant readjustment and ensuring a more comfortable fit. 

    In addition, they have reduced the frame curve to accommodate those with higher cheekbones as well as lengthened the temples for a better grip around your ears.

  • Who should wear low bridge glasses?

    Anyone that struggles with sunglasses constantly sliding down their face or wants a more secure fit.  

    If your nose bridge sits level with or just below your pupils, you may have a low nose bridge. In such cases, finding well-fitting sunglasses can be a challenge. However, fret not! Yunizon sunglasses are here to cater to your needs. 

    Yunizon’s proprietary fit is specially crafted to accommodate low nose bridges and consider the unique facial contours of various individuals. Whether you have a low nose bridge, a unique facial width, high cheekbones, or flatter facial features, these sunglasses are tailored to provide a comfortable and secure fit.  In addition, our frames are made from lightweight materials so they are comfortable enough to wear all day long. Our sunglasses prevent unwanted movement, ensuring your sunglasses stay in place and don't slide down your face, ultimately avoiding uncomfortable contact with your cheekbones or eyelashes.

  • Is low bridge fit for Asians?

    Low bridge fit sunglasses (often be called ‘Asian Fit sunglasses’) are not exclusive to individuals of Asian descent. Low bridge fit glasses can be worn by anyone seeking a more comfortable and well-fitting option.  If you would like to hear more about Asian fit sunglasses check out our guide here that tells you Everything You Need to Know About Asian Fit Sunglasses.

  • Is Yunizon Eyewear Asian Fit?

    Our fit is neither the “standard fit”, “universal fit” or “Asian fit” that all exist currently in the market. Our proprietary Yunizon fit is something new entirely. Although extremely Asian friendly, it is not just for Asians. Many people can benefit from these design modifications. It’s for anyone that has struggled with fit and has been looking for an alternative in the market. 

    Yunizon caters towards those with diverse features. It has elongated nose pads that are fantastic for those with a low nose bridge or those that desire a better grip. It has a reduced frame curve (flatter frame) to accommodate those with higher cheekbones. It has lengthened temples (arms of the sunglass) so that it has a better grip around your ears for a more secure fit. In addition, we offer 3 headwidths (narrow, medium, and wide) in every style. We believe that the combination of the nose bridge and face width give you a truly tailored fit. 

    Currently the Asian fit in the market has some modifications to the nose bridge area and nose pads as well at the head curve to accommodate for higher cheekbones. The one thing that it does not take into account is varios headwidths. All Asian fit sunglasses currently in the market are cut for wider faces but alienates all of those with a medium to narrow face width. This is where Yunizon hopes to make a difference and give customers the options needed for an overall better fit.  

  • What does it mean to have a “low nose bridge”?

    The term ‘low nose bridge’ applies to individuals with a nose bridge that aligns with or is below the pupils.  People with a low nose bridge often face challenges when finding sunglasses as the standard fit available in the market currently doesn't properly  grip their nose. The standard market sunglasses can slide down the nose or hit off the cheeks due to an improper fit, which is often annoying, painful and uncomfortable.  

    Discover the Yunizon Fit today! We offer a wide range of sunglasses to fit any face width, challenging nose bridges or unique facial features.

  • Can anyone wear Yunizon sunglasses even if they don’t have a low nose bridge?

    Yes, absolutely! Everyone can benefit from Yunizon’s fit and design modifications.  

    Yunizon’s unique fit is not only beneficial to those that have lower nose bridges, but for those that have an active lifestyle (running, sweating, etc) and prefer a more secure grip. They can be worn by anyone who finds them comfortable. With free shipping and free returns, you can try them risk free! We promise you will notice the difference. 

    But remember, choosing the right glasses depends on your individual preferences. The sunglasses you choose should always make you feel good in your own skin and stay securely on your face. 

  • Does every Yunizon sunglass style come in different sizes?

    Yes! Our ENTIRE collection of sunglasses is available in a narrow, medium and wide. We offer a variety of styles to suit a wide range of tastes and preferences. Whether you prefer a classic and timeless design or a bold and trendy look, we have you covered. Explore our diverse selection of Yunizon sunglasses for the perfect fit no matter your face width, shape or size. We offer the ultimate combination that not only fits flawlessly but also matches your unique sense of style. 

  • Where can I find low bridge fit sunglasses?

    Look no further than Yunizon! Experience the Yunizon fit and find sunglasses that not only complement your facial structure but also express your individuality. Embrace comfort and style with our sunglasses; diverse and designed for everyone and everywhere life takes you. Explore our extensive collection boasting a diverse range of sizes, all meticulously crafted to provide fit, comfort and style. 

  • Is Yunizon’s fit suitable for sports and active lifestyles?

    Yes, our sunglasses are suitable for sports and an active lifestyle. Our fit is not only good for low nose bridges, but our sunglasses are designed to stay securely in place with their elongated nose pads. This secure fit makes them a great option those on the go for adventure.