What Glasses Suit My Face Shape?

What Glasses Suit My Face Shape?

With over 20 Years of experience in eyewear design, we can confidently say that almost no one is a perfect heart shape, square or any other defined category and most faces are a combination of a few different shapes. It can often seem impossible to pick your face shape from a lineup as you may find your face is narrower than a round face or your chin rounder than an oval, you may have more angular features for a heart shape or your forehead is taller than a square face. 

The truth is face shape guidelines are just that, they help determine how to balance and compliment your features. Our recommendations are not ‘unbreakable rules’ but only feature frame shapes and components that will bring a natural balance and good fit for your features. But if you still have no luck finding sunglasses with the right fit, Yunizon could be the answer for you.  

Why? The Yunizon Difference. 
At Yunizon, we understand that one size doesn't fit all, which is why we've developed the best solution for sunglasses by also factoring in other elements such as face width. We provide 3 different sizes in every style. Whether you have a narrow, medium, or wide face, we offer a diverse collection of sunglasses designed with inclusivity in mind. Unlike other brands with limited options, we offer a wide range of styles so you can find sunglasses that not only fit well but also make you shine. We prioritise both style and comfort, incorporating elongated non-slip nose pads, reduced curves, modified temple lengths, and lightweight materials in our frames to ensure enhanced grip, zero slippage, and maximum comfort all day long. 

With our diverse and thoughtfully designed collection, we have the perfect sunglasses for everyone. Whatever your face shape you can be sure we have a pair that is made to fit you.   

In this guide, you will find our tips, tricks and trends that will help you identify your face shape and what glasses to choose to enhance your look and style. 


Oval Faces

Oval Shaped Face

What is an Oval face? 

An oval face is often regarded as a versatile and proportionally balanced face shape. An oval face combines elements of both square and round shapes. In contrast to the sharp, angular lines of a square face, an oval face boasts softer, more rounded contours in the jawline and chin.


Which sunglasses shape suit oval faces? 

The beauty of the oval face shape is its adaptability and freedom to experiment with bold colours, textures, and frame shapes. Dare to make a statement with bold styles like fierce cat-eye frames or edgy aviators. Alternatively, you can keep it cool and classic with iconic D-frames or tortoise frames are excellent.  

Explore our selection of the best sunglasses for an oval face. 


Square Faces

Square Face

What is a square face? 

Square faces typically have a wide and more pronounced forehead, a prominent jawline and well-defined angular features. Although the measurements may resemble those with a round face, the overall facial structure of a square face leans towards angularity, with fewer soft curves.   

What sunglasses suit square face shapes? 

Square faces offer a fantastic canvas for various glasses shapes. And remember, to be square doesn’t mean boring so embrace your squareness!  


To enhance the appeal of these strong facial features, consider opting for sleek, slender round or oval frames with ample curves to create a pleasing contrast that flatters a square face. 

Although round and oval glasses reign as the top choices for square faces it is always advantageous to remember the key is to provide a striking contrast to your strong facial characteristics. Round or oval eyeglass frames will not only soften but also add contrast to your angular features, allowing your best qualities to shine. Styling tip: While having a square face allows for confidence and boldness in your sunglasses choice, there are still some considerations to keep in mind. Eyewear serves as an accessory to balance and contrast your facial features. Therefore, for a square face avoid rectangular or square sunglasses, as they may further emphasise the strong, proportioned lines of your face, potentially making it appear wider.  

Explore our selection of the best sunglasses for square faces. 


Round Faces

Round Shaped Face

What is a round face? 

For a round face, it’s all about the curves! A round face typically features soft curves and smooth lines. It also features a wide forehead and hairline, full cheeks and a rounded chin. A round face is often roughly equal in width from the jaw up through to the brow and equal in length. Its distinctive features are easily recognisable due to its circular contour, marked by a lack of sharp lines and angles.  

Perfect-fitting sunglasses should never feel too tight at the temples, squeezing and sitting too close to your face. At Yunizon, whatever your face width, we have the right fit for you 

Which glasses shape suit round faces? 

Sunglasses styles that look best on a round face are square, rectangular, cat-eye, geometric frames, aviators, and navigators, as the sharp angles compliment the softer lines and contrast with your face's natural curves.  


When selecting sunglasses to add more definition to your face, focus on square and rectangular styles with pronounced angles and lines that introduce contrast to your face's natural contours and minimise fullness in the cheeks. Full-rimmed, square sunglasses are also particularly flattering for round faces by introducing strong, angular lines and incorporating contrast to create the illusion of a thinner and longer face.  

If you are a fan of classic styling, try a staple rectangle for a fashion statement that stands the test of time. 

Styling tip: Avoid frames that emphasise and accentuate the curves and roundness of your face such as round, small oval and narrow frames.

Just remember to choose frames in the right size to ensure they don't appear too small on your face. If you need assistance or just browsing, check out our selection or email our fit consultants today. Simply, send us an image of your face and your traditional measurements from an existing pair of sunglasses or drop us a message describing any fit concerns and let us do the rest.  

We care about our customers and offer advice and customer service to help you find the best fit for your face shape and style. Our sunglasses fit better because our proprietary fit is based on real experience, real measurements, and real people. 

Explore our selection of the best sunglasses for a round face. 

Heart Shaped Faces

Heart Shaped Face

What is a heart-shaped face? 

Those with a heart-shaped face, commonly known as a V-shaped face, typically have a wider forehead that tapers down to a narrower chin, a smaller jawline and a lower face. Generally, a heart-shaped face resembles an inverted triangle with its widest point at the top and a narrowing towards the chin. 

Which glasses suit heart-shaped faces? / What types of sunglasses look good on heart-shaped faces?

There's a wide array of glasses that compliment heart-shaped faces. In fact, this face shape is often regarded as the most versatile of all. 

But to achieve a flattering balance for a heart-shaped face, square, rectangular, oval, and aviator-shaped sunglasses are ideal choices. 

The goal is to balance your facial structure and draw attention away your forehead. 

Sunglasses frames for heart-shaped faces 

Look for frames that minimise the upper part of your face and make your chin appear wider. Bottom-heavy or oval-shaped frames can add width to a narrow chin, creating a more balanced look by directing attention upward toward your eyes. 

Frames with decorative accents at their endpoints and with rounded base creates a subtle contrast helping to balance the face.  

Patterns and colours 

The versatility of the heart-shaped face means that a wide range of glasses styles and colours will compliment your look. 

Explore our selection of the best sunglasses for a heart shape face. 


Summing it up. 

When choosing the right sunglasses for you, always consider your lifestyle and your personal taste. 

Ensure that your eyeglasses compliment your daily routine. Whether you need a pair for gaming, a game of tennis or enduring long workdays in front of a screen, practicality is key. If you lead an active life, opt for flexible frames that won't snap or break. 

Ultimately, your choice of frames should reflect your unique personality and style. Consider a playful and flirtatious pair for weekend escapades with friends or opt for a more sophisticated yet charming set for the office – a blend of fun and professionalism. While this guide offers valuable insights, remember, that there are no strict rules. If a frame's style and colour bring you joy and confidence, that's what truly matters. 

Can’t find the right find the right glasses to suit your face shape? That’s okay. Find the perfect fit with Yunizon today! 


At Yunizon, we will never fit you in a box… or with some glasses that don’t fit your desires. No matter the face shape we can still find the perfect sunglasses to fit you. What’s more, we offer free returns and a 12-month warranty so you can try a pair risk-free from our sunglass collection.  

Every Yunizon frame is designed in our studio with you in mind. 

Whether you're looking for sunglasses that stay on your face, cater to low nose bridges, narrow to wide face width, or can never find the right fit, Yunizon is for you. Our sunglasses fit better because our proprietary fit is based on real experience, real measurements, and real people. 

Narrow, medium and wide in EVERY style. 

We are the only sunglasses company to offer three widths in every style. Our uniquely designed frames feature elongated non-slip nose pads, reduced frame curves, modified temple lengths and ultra-lightweight materials meaning you can confidently and comfortably wear our sunglasses all day. 

It’s a new way to shop. We get that. 

Try a pair risk-free from our sunglass collection. We offer free returns and a 12-month warranty. 

Try multiple sizes today or email our fit consultants at findyourfit@yunizoneyewear.com. Send us an image of your face, traditional measurements (e.g. 50-20-140) from an existing pair of sunglasses (only if you have it handy!) and any fit concerns and let us do the rest. 

Disclaimer: Please note that the content of this article serves educational and informational purposes exclusively and is not intended as a substitute for medical or health advice. Always seek guidance from a qualified healthcare provider for any queries related to medical conditions or health goals. 

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