Our story (ORIGINAL)

What we stand for

Yunizon, an alternative pronunciation for the word unison, captures our core values of free expression, unity and belonging. These are the principles we will strive to promote through our brand, our products and our actions. 

We believe everyone should have the freedom to express themselves without inhibitions or judgment. We aspire for a united world where everyone is accepted for who they are, and tolerance is prevalent. Creating a sense of belonging is fundamental to human satisfaction.

We see a balanced state of mind as key to promoting these principles and will donate a portion of our proceeds to the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI). We are committed to being part of the solution because we are all “Under One Sun”.


Our values translate into how we think about product. We strive to create high quality, hand-crafted eyewear at affordable prices.

But, the cornerstone of our design philosophy is to develop unique, all-inclusive products through our gender-neutral lines and consideration of fit.

By adding thoughtful details to our eyewear, from the chiseled angles on our colorful frames to the custom inscriptions on our angled temples, Yunizon sunglasses stand apart from other brands.

Our gender-neutral ranges strip away any perceived boundaries or limitations as to what genders should customarily wear.

And, we are one of the few eyewear brands to provide three sizes for our core ranges; narrow, medium and wide, with all our frames incorporating Yunizon’s signature Global Fit Technology. We proudly acknowledge the differences in shapes and sizes and aim to provide a fit for every face.



Yunizon glasses are designed in our New York studio. We draw inspiration from the city, a global cultural capital and the birthplace of many cultural, musical and artistic movements. New York is a celebration of diversity, the place where millions have come to explore their individuality as well as find a sense of belonging.


Our sunglasses are hand crafted and hand polished using premium cellulose acetate. This color-rich, hypoallergenic material is easily adjustable for a comfortable fit yet durable enough to withstand daily wear. Solid colors are vivid, while complex textures (like tortoises, horns, etc.) are uniquely laminated to create a one-of-a-kind layered depth.


We use premium quality CR-39 lenses in all our sunglasses. This lightweight, shatter-resistant lens offers amazing optical clarity while still blocking out harmful ultraviolet rays. This durable lens defies the aging process and holds up against the material fatigue of everyday usage.